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The Mission to Make the CFO’s life Easier

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In today’s business context, life of a CFO is that of the radar as well as the captain of a moving ship. Today’s CFO is expected to contribute well beyond the traditional role of cost management and operational controls. The CFO needs to play a delicate balancing act across multiple dimensions, some of which include: Impact of globalization: having an effective finance function that can account for the increasing complexities of running a global business Regulatory adherence: Global regulatory requirements are constantly changing and continually increasing, and CFOs have a personal...

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Anytime, Anywhere, Actionable Financial Reports

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Today’s business context and priorities call for CFO’s to have access to their organization’s financial performance reports at all times. An effective CFO will detect financial performance trends early in the cycle, analyze the same in light of the various dynamics involved and initiate necessary course corrections. Timely and correct decision making can turn the fortunes of an organization, and in turn that of the CFO. To make this possible, the CFO inevitably needs access to actionable insights anytime, anywhere. While what most CFOs track, are somewhat similar, but still each...

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